CBD Products For Humans Working with Dogs

Working with dogs can from time to time — OK ‘frequently’ — result in some pretty good aches and pains. Bumps and bruises just sort of go with the territory. One of the great things about buying HempWorx CBD oil products is that you can take care of your dog and yourself in one simple transaction.

With humans, the optimal delivery system is simple: a few drops under the tongue does the trick. The type of tissue located inside of the mouth allows the oil to be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Low & Slow is the Way to Go

When starting out, the biggest mistake most people make is in the dosing.  “Low and slow is the way to go.” Start with 5 drops twice a day for the first week. If that’s not your ideal dose, then continue to increase until you get the results you want. The average ideal dose seems to be 5 – 10 drops, twice a day.

It’s really up to you to:

        • give yourself time
        • trust your experience
        • monitor your results

It’s really up to you and the relief you get from each of those servings.

While some folks feel comfortable dosing directly from the dropper, others want to be sure that they’re 100% accurate. There are two ways for them to securely count drops:


      • use a mirror and count the drops as you see them going under your tongue
      • place your CBD oil drops directly onto a spoon and take as you would any other liquid oral supplement

For people dealing with skin issues, CBD oil taken orally can be augmented with a direct, topical application. Some use the same oil they use under the tongue while others prefer our Relief or Renew creams.

People working with dogs have asked me about samples of the products for humans. And while there are samples available, we think the company’s 30-day money-back guaranty is a much better idea. It allows you to:

      • use full sizes of any of the products
      • enjoy a risk-free trial
      • evaluate your personal results
      • trust your own experience

So what are you waiting for? Order one or more of our high-quality CBD oil products — and have it in hand within 4 – 6 days.


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